We work on a variety of topics fundamentally aimed at answering the questions:
How do black holes form, grow, and affect their environments?
Find out more about this inspired and supportive group of student and postdocs below. 


Group Members

Graduate Students

Jingyi Wang

6th Year PhD Student


Research Interests: Black hole X-ray binaries, X-ray spectral-timing, machine learning 

Collin Lewin

4th Year PhD Student

Research Interests: 

AGN timing (X-ray reverberation+UVOIR disk reprocessing), machine learning

Other Interests: painting, gaming, food, dancing

Megan Masterson
4th Year PhD Student

Research Interests: multi-wavelength studies of SMBH transients (TDEs and changing-look AGN)

Other Interests: astronomy outreach, hiking, soccer

Fatima Zaidouni

3rd Year Graduate Student

Research Interests: AGN dynamics; High resolution X-ray spectroscopy; Accretion disk outflows

Other Interests: statistics & probability, data modeling | yoga, swimming, food, travel.

Joheen Chakraborty
2nd Year Graduate Student

Research Interests: SMBH transients (QPEs & TDEs); high-performance computing & survey science

Other Interests: video & board games, music, crossword puzzles

Postdoctoral Scholars

Peter Kosec

HETG Postdoc

(soon to be Hubble Fellow 

@ Harvard/SAO)

Research Interests: accretion disk winds and outflows in AGN, TDEs, X-ray binaries and ULXs; high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy

Daniele Rogantini

HETG Postdoc

(soon to be Burbidge Fellow @ U. Chicago)

Research Interests: AGN and X-ray binary outflows, high resolution spectroscopy

Matteo Lucchini


(soon to be Fellow @University of Amsterdam)

Research Interests:

Other Interests: X-ray binaries and AGN, black hole accretion and relativistic jets, spectral-timing, and model development

Christos Panagiotou


Research Interests:

Other Interests: Multi-wavelength AGN timing, Multi-wavelength TDE analysis

Riccardo Arcodia

Einstein Fellow

Research Interests: AGN accretion and evolution; extragalactic transients (QPEs and TDEs)

Other Interests: basketball, sports, concerts/festivals, collecting records

Kishalay De

Einstein/Kavli Fellow

Research Interests: Galactic transients, X-ray binaries, novae, TDEs, IR transients

Kevin Burdge

Pappalardo Fellow

Research Interests:

Ultracompact binaries, white dwarfs, Galactic transients, optical instrumentation

Past Members

Undergraduate Researchers (Past & Present)

Summer ’23: Irura Nyiha, MIT ’24
Spring ’23: Subhi Abo Rdan, MIT ’26
Fall ’22 – IAP ’23: Marina Ten, MIT ’26

Spring ’22 – Fall ’22: Ellie Winkler, MIT ’25
Summer ’22 – Fall ’22: Kylee Carden, MIT ’23, soon-to-be PhD student at The Ohio State University
Summer ’21 – Fall ’21: Isabella Guilherme, visiting MSRP student, now PhD student at Caltech
Summer ’21 – Spring ’22: Joheen Chakraborty, visiting UROP, now PhD student at MIT
Summer ’20 – Spring ’21: Rachel Zhang, MIT ’21, Senior Thesis Student, now PhD student at Northwestern University 

Spring ’20 – Fall ’20: Keaton Clarno, MIT ’24
Fall ’19: Johaun Hachett, MIT ’20, now PhD student at Rice University