Erin Kara

Mailing address:
77 Massachusetts Avenue


Cambridge, MA 02139


Phone: (617) 253-2572


Looking to get involved?

MIT Undergraduate Students: We have openings for undergraduate research during the semester, and summer, and for Senior Research Projects. Please send me an email with your resume.

Undergraduate Students (outside of MIT): Please consider applying to the MIT Summer Research Program. It's a great program that provides research opportunities, and also prepares students for graduate school applications. 

Postdoctoral Scholars: I will be hiring 1-2 postdocs with expertise in high-energy astrophysics, specifically with interest in Time Domain studies and/or high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy. Start date is negotiable, but nominally in September 2024. Apply here!

Perspective Graduate Students:  Look for more information here.

High school students: I don't usually take on high school students because I feel a responsibility to prioritize opportunities for undergraduate students, applying for graduate school. Interested high school students can apply for research opportunities through to the MIT's Research Science Institute.